My Unyson Contact Form doesn't send emails. How to fix?

To fix this issue with contact form, please connect your host via FTP in Binary mode and go to this directory: \wp-content\themes\your_theme's_folder\framework-customizations\extensions\forms\extensions\contact-forms\views\

Rename file form.php to form.php.old 

Then download the new file form.php here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_x1zP9AnDyP4z3HaNLQOi7F3SDPc0IKh

Put in the same directory as the old form file.

Then open in Unyson Page Builder the options of the shortcode:


Check such fields as "Email To""From Name""From Address":



Save all changes, clear cache in a browser, and re-test the web form once more.

Then check the inbox folder of your email (and just in case "SPAM" folder).