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I need help to edit color css


  • Santiago started the conversation

    Hi i don't understand how to add css styles for the color of the theme, all times what i do its edit the css of the Colors but this time i need to add css code to edit the color you can help me ?

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    Andrey replied

    Hello, Dear Santiago!

    You may insert your custom css code via WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS. 

    For example, if you want to change color of header, paste here the following code:

    .header__style3 .header__row3 {
        background-color: #FF9800;

    where #FF9800 is the code of your custom color. To choose necessary code of color you may here:


    Using this method you may apply new color for any element in theme. Always click "Save and Publish" in Customizer after applying updates in Additional CSS.

    Also it is possible to changes colors for website sections via Unyson Page Builder. In order to do this, please click WP Dashboard => Pages => All Pages => Homepage - Front Page:  http://nimb.ws/48Zxma

    Here you will view the structure of the page build with the Unyson Page Builder: http://nimb.ws/XpkZzY

    Expand necessary section and click it's settings, click Background Tab and  choose necessary color: http://nimb.ws/KigbmB

    Please download and guide this Unyson Page Builder Manual manual: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5NKlmlSvX2yYll1a0NOV2hpVms It will help you to perform many changes with content and colors on your current website. 

  • Santiago replied

    Hi i need change all colors of the website you can helpme with a more extended code Lines for the website ? or the unique ting i have to change is the reader ?

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    Andrey replied

    Hello, Dear Santiago.

    Sure, we can help you. It would be better if you describe the exact color to which you want to change main website color and provide us with WP Dashboard / FTP details to your website. We will prepare all changes in css file regarding colors and upload the to your host. 

    With Best Regards!