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Office Display


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    Dauris Little started the conversation

    Is it possible to have a third office option added?

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    Andrey replied

    Hello, Dear Dauris!

    We have sent you request to the developers department, possible they will perform this for you.

    Will inform you about result tomorrow.

    Kindly regards!

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    Andrey replied

    Hello, Dear Dauris!

    We can help you to insert three offices at front page, please provide us with your WP Dashboard login/link/password.

  •   Dauris Little replied privately
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    Andrey replied

    Hello, Dear Dauris.

    For some reason we can not login with these credentials in your WP Dashboard. Maybe due to the specific symbols in your password.

    So in this case here are the explanations about how to add 3-d office:

    1. Open in code editor file functions.php /wp-content/themes/chiropractor/functions.php and go to line 328. 

    2. Add after this line the code below: http://nimb.ws/TUZjAs

    <a class="office--item pull-left relwraper" href="/contact/">
                        <span class="office--item-overlay abswraper w h"></span>
                        <span class="office--item-inner centered-both">
                        <span class="office--time"> </span>
                        <span class="office--place">Third Place</span>

    3. Rename Third Place text inside

    <span class="office--place">Third Place</span>

    on your own actual text for office.

    4. Save file functions.php

    5. Then open file style.css located in /wp-content/themes/chiropractor/style.css and go to line 9607. Modify it's code to:

    .office--item {
            /*width: 50%;*/
            /*use for Third Office Place*/
            width: 33.3%;
            height: 300px;

    6. Save file.

    7. Check result at front end - reload you page using CTRL + F5.

    We hope our instructions are helpful for you.

    Kindly Regards!