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Center Buttons


  • Adryenn started the conversation

    I need to make the "Click Here" part buttons (I had to make them hypertexted plain text).  I tried using the button shortcode, but when I use the visual builder it does not allow centering of the content in the sections and both the buttons and the text were not centered.

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    Andrey replied

    Hello, Dear Adryenn!

    If you want to insert links inside banners trips, please click WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Widgets => Widgets After header (Full-Width) => Banner Strip. 

    Insert for every banner necessary url like on the screenshot below and save settings: http://nimb.ws/kISyMQ

    Click WP Dashboard => Pages => All Pages => Open necessary page.

    Select inside the text any word or any part of text and click "hyperlink icon". Insert in the opened field your link and save page: http://nimb.ws/qw5Fgm

    Also please read this awesome article about hyperlinks in WordPress: http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/beginners-guide-on-how-to-add-a-link-in-wordpress/

    Kindly Regards!

  • Adryenn replied

    That's not what I asked.

    There is a shortcode to make a button. I use the shortcode to make a button. But there is no way to CENTER the button. That's all I need to do. The button looks great but it's not centered.  The visual builder does not have a format in the settings for CENTER for the contents of that section.  And I cannot just add the text because unlike other builders, when I get out of the builder and click text, it's blank, so I can't manually edit the code.

    I need to be able to add the button shortcode, and center it. That's it.

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    Andrey replied

    Hello, Dear Adryenn!

    As alternative solution, we can recommend you to use clickable image with text. For example, download any image for the button. Insert text inside it in Photoshop or any other similar software.

    Then open necessary page in Unyson Page Builder (for example default about page) and perform this constructions for the image: http://nimb.ws/XaoirB

    1.  Drag and drop inside empty section five 1/5 sections. 

    2. Drag and Drop inside middle 1/5 section an Image Element.

    3. Click image elements and apply for it the following settings: http://nimb.ws/fQO48R Please apply for image button its real dimensions, for example 192 x 66 px.

    4. Save all settings and update page.

    5. You may also add divider after button. You will receive such result: http://nimb.ws/2NsxBc

    Kindly Regards!